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Tropical rain forests are being cut down to create farms and pastures, and to harvest trees for construction. What has this type of deforestation increased?
a) soil erosion
b) soil moisture
c) fertilizers
d) microorganisms

Which is one practical way homeowners can conserve water?
a) Re-use waste water for drinking
b) Use drip irrigation to water the lawn
c) Use native plants in the home landscape
d) Collect rainwater for irrigation of landscape plants and grass

Fossils of marine plants and animals were found high above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains. What does this fossil evidence tell us about the past of that mountainous area?
a) Sea level was much higher.
b) Many volcanoes erupted in that location
c) The area was once sediment under the ocean.
d) The area was once part of another continent.

Farmer John has cut down a stand of pine trees so he can plant corn in the spring. What would be a practical solution to help stop soil erosion during the fall and winter?
a) Let cows graze in the field
b) Dig a pond next to the corn field
c) Surround the corn field with shrubs and a fence
d) Plow the corn under

There is a long drought and hay is in short supply. Farmer John is forced to let his cattle over-graze his pastures. Because of the over-grazing, what do you predict will happen?
a) The soil will become more fertile.
b) The grass will grow faster.
c) The soil will be eroded by wind and water.
d) The soil will become water soaked in the spring.

Chemical weathering of rocks occus and helps to form soils. Which of the following is an agent of chemical weathering?
a) rocks tumbling in a stream or river
b) freezing and thawing
c) tree roots growing through rocks
d) acid rain

In cold climates rocks are broken into pieces by the action of water. This process that breaks down rocks and helps form soil can best be explained as
a) leaching of minerals from the rock
b) decomposition due to the action of ice crystals
c) chemical weathering due to water reacting with calcite
d) mechanical weathering due to alternate freezing and thawing

Soils have four basic components. What important soil component is a by-product of the action of decomposers like bacteria and fungus?
a) silt
b) humus
c) minerals
d) air space

In December 2004, an earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale was recorded off the coast of Sumatra. What is a common secondary effect of this type of earthquake?
a) a tsunami
b) a tornado
c) global warming
d) volcanic activity

If we compare the temperature and pressure of the Earth's mantle to the core, what differences can we expect as we move downward into the Earth?
a) Both the temperature and pressure increase
b) Both the temperature and pressure decrease
c) The temperature decreases and the pressure increases
d) The temperature increases and the pressure decreases

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