Ancient Greece Section 1 Question Preview (ID: 37045)

Section 1 - CH 8.

What is a polis?
a) A Greek term for mountains
b) A Greek term for unity
c) A Greek term for country
d) A Greek term for city-states

Why did the Greekā€™s develop city-states?
a) separate themselves from other countries
b) band together for protection and stability
c) they wanted to gain land from other areas
d) were ordered to by the king

How did the city walls and acropolises benefit Greek city-states?
a) set boundaries that people could not cross
b) protected them from attacks
c) created city-states and countries
d) gave them an idea of where cities were located

How did the sea help shape early Greek society?
a) made trade difficult
b) made contact difficult with other countries
c) it separated towns and villages
d) it provided a means of trade and transportation

What effect did the mountains of Greece have on the civilization?
a) provided them with plenty of room to plant food
b) helped them change ideas with other cultures easily
c) provided them with little farmland
d) gave them a way to trade with others

Why did the Greeks create colonies?
a) to become rich from trade
b) to create a large empire
c) to conquer all the seas
d) to sail to exotic places

Around what feature was a Greek polis usually built?
a) mountain range
b) fortress
c) river
d) temple

What were the two earliest cultural groups to develop in Greece?
a) Dorians and Hebrews
b) Trojans and Olympians
c) Minoans and Mycenaean
d) Sumerians and Assyrians

Why were the seas important to the early Greeks?
a) gave them drinking water
b) gave them water for crops
c) gave them a great place to swim and relax
d) provided them with trade routes

On what type of landform is mainland Greece located?
a) flat land
b) valley
c) peninsula
d) island

What body of water does not surround Greece?
a) Aegean Sea
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) Ionian Sea
d) Black Sea

Which of the following is a big city that began as a Greek colony?
a) Paris in France
b) Berlin in Germany
c) Naples in Italy
d) Madrid in Spain

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