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Coron has an igneouse rock in his rock collection. Where did he most likely find this rock?
a) near a volcano
b) at the bottom of a river
c) on a coral reef
d) on a forest floor

Sedimentary rocks are not found on the moon because
a) there is no silicon on the Moon
b) there is not weathering on the Moon
c) the Moon's gravity is too weak
d) lava flows are missing from the surface

Rocks found on Earth are generally classified as sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous. On which basis are these classifications made?
a) where the rocks are found
b) the chemical composition of the rocks
c) the color and shape of the rocks
d) how the rocks are formed

Which of these is NOT a part of soil?
a) Humus
b) Plastic
c) Clay
d) Bits of rock

The Earth's surface can change either quickly or slowly. Which of these can happen when rocks and soil in the Earth move suddenly?
a) Landslides
b) Blizzards
c) Hurricances
d) Tornadoes

What is located beneath soil layers?
a) Bedrock
b) Tundra
c) Lava
d) Humus

You find a rock on campus. Which of the following properties would be most useful in identifying the unknown rock?
a) color
b) specific weight
c) mineral content
d) smell

Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
a) natural gas
b) falling water
c) oil
d) coal

Sand dunes most likely form from
a) high tides.
b) running water.
c) human activity.
d) wind.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that easily weathers because the main mineral found in it reacts with acid in water. What is the mineral in limestone?.
a) silica
b) calcite
c) gypsum
d) quartz

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