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Rubbing two items together is an example of charge being transferred by
a) friction
b) conduction
c) induction
d) static

If a neutral comb is held near an object with a negative charge, the comb will become charged by
a) induction
b) friction
c) static
d) conduction

The type of current procuded by a battery is
a) direct current
b) alternating current
c) potential current
d) parallel current

The type of current found in your home is mostly
a) alternating current
b) direct current
c) potential current
d) parallel current

This allows electrons to freely move
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) rubber
d) wood

Electrons are closely bound in this
a) insulator
b) conductor
c) metal
d) gold

What is Ohm's law
a) V=I x R
b) I= V + R
c) R= I x V
d) V= I - R

A complete path through which charge can flow is an electric
a) circuit
b) switch
c) resistor
d) battery

Most circuits in your home are
a) parallel
b) series
c) direct
d) closed

How many paths can charge flow in a series circuit
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) any number

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