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Truancy is an example of
a) civil offense
b) a status offense
c) a felony
d) a misdemeanor

In this form of municipal government, the council has more power than the mayor
a) weak mayor-council
b) strong mayor-council
c) county commissioner
d) General Assembly

The most likely form of payment for a new microwave oven would be
a) credit or debit card
b) cash
c) bank loan

The governor has the option of vetoing a bill, signing a bill and
a) sending the bill back for review
b) doing nothing
c) rewriting the bill himself
d) sending the bill to the Supreme Court

If found guilty of one of Georgia’s Seven Deadly Sins, a juvenile will be
a) sentenced to at least 10 years in prison
b) sent to RYDC
c) given community service
d) be allowed to pay a fine and go home with his parents

The highest appellate court in Georgia is
a) supreme court
b) probate court
c) court of appeals
d) magistrate court

The first step in the juvenile justice process
a) intake
b) formal hearing
c) sentencing
d) detention

A juvenile in possession of tobacco would be committing a
a) unruly act
b) felony
c) misdemeanor
d) delinquent act

The section of the constitution that serves as a summary of the document’s purpose is the
a) preamble
b) amendments
c) coda
d) bill of rights

To qualify to serve as governor one must be
a) at least thirty years of age
b) born a U.S. citizen
c) a lifetime resident of the state
d) have a high school diploma

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