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From the Tell Tale Heart: what drove the main character mad?
a) The eye of his father
b) The heart of his step father
c) The eye of a buzzard attached to an old man
d) The heart of the human

From The Tell Tale Heart: what is the author's name?
a) Sir Evan Peters Regard
b) Ethan Hunt
c) Samuel Clemens
d) Edgar Allen Poe

The author includes the phrase “was lost” in paragraph 4 to suggest that the narrator —
a) could not find the classroom
b) didn't want Molly's help
c) could not understand how to complete the math problems
d) took the wrong bus and couldn't find the way home

Which sentence from the selection best shows that author is determined?
a) I tried to keep up, but it was no use.
b) In elementary school, I had done well in math.
c) I knew I needed to do something because I needed to pass the test on Friday or else I would fail math.
d) The next day at school, math class went the same as always.

The author included paragraph 3 to--
a) emphasize the narrator’s successful attempts to learn on her own
b) show the narrator’s growing hopelessness
c) explain how the narrator studied for her test
d) describe why the narrator hated math

Read the following sentence from paragraph 1. I was drowning in a sea of unsolved math problems. The author includes this line to —
a) emphasize that narrator is overwhelmed
b) describe how the narrator cannot swim
c) explain that the math problems cannot be solved
d) compare the narrator's feelings to the other students in the class

What can the reader tell about the narrator's feelings towards Molly?
a) She was glad that she would not have to talk to Molly again.
b) She was jealous that Molly was better in math.
c) She was grateful for Molly's help.
d) She was afraid Molly would tease her.

In paragraph 4, the word anxious means —
a) confused
b) nervous
c) angry
d) confident

Look at the dictionary entry below. step \`step\ n 1. a movement of the foot by raising it and placing it in another spot 2. an action in a series 3. a stair 4. a movement within a dance sequence
a) Definition 1
b) Definition 2
c) Definition 3
d) Definition 4

What is the central message that the author presents in this selection?
a) When things get hard, you should give up.
b) Math is the hardest subject to learn
c) Telling your parents about bad grades is the right thing to do.
d) It is okay to ask for help when you need it.

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