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You have a glass beaker filled with a mixture of hot chemicals. The beaker and mixture have a mass of 247 grams. If you want to know the mass of the chemicals only, what should y
a) Pour the chemicals directly on a spring scale.
b) Separate the chemicals into their individual components.
c) Obtain the mass of an empty glass beaker of the same size.
d) Find a very light container that can hold the chemicals.

Which of the following is a safe way to conserve resources in the lab?
a) Clean up all equipment at the same time.
b) Clean up chemical spills quickly.
c) Carefully measure chemicals
d) Use older, slightly damaged equipment.

A student hears a scientist on the news that says he thinks there is life on another planet. What is the most important question that the student should ask in order to crit
a) Does the scientist think there is life in other galaxies too?
b) Who works for the scientist and helps in his research?
c) Where did the scientist study and go to school?
d) What evidence is the scientist basing his statement on?

Which of the following questions about frogs could be answered through a scientific investigation?
a) Are frogs able to play musical instruments?
b) What kind of dreams do frogs have?
c) How do the diets of different frog species differ?
d) Are some frog species happier than other frog species?

The magnification of the eyepiece on a compound microscope is 10X. The magnification of the objective lens is 100X. What is the total magnification?
a) 10X
b) 1,000X
c) 110X
d) 90X

Which of the following objects would make the best model of a blood vessel?
a) A steel pipe
b) An electrical wire
c) A cotton string
d) A rubber tube

A student is planning an investigation about plants. She says, “Plants grow better in sunlight.” This statement is an example of –
a) data
b) a procedure
c) an investigation
d) a hypothesis

You have a bag of cookies that says it contains 34 grams. Which tool would you use to check to be sure that the bag actually contains 34 grams?
a) Graduated cylinder
b) Spring scale
c) Triple beam balance
d) Meter stick

Which type of diagram provides the most information about the feeding relationship among organisms in an ecosystem?
a) Food chain
b) Energy pyramid
c) Energy chain
d) Food web

What is one way that plant and animal cells are different?
a) Plant cells do not have cell membranes.
b) Only plant cells have cell walls.
c) Only plant cells contain a nucleus.
d) Only animal cells contain cytoplasm.

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