TestOut 4.7 Device Troubleshooting Question Preview (ID: 36997)

Quiz Review Covering Information In TestOut PC Pro Chapter 4, Section 7--Device Troubleshooting.

What does it mean if you are in Device Manager and an item has a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point?
a) You need to enable the device.
b) The device is not working properly.
c) The device needs updated drivers installed.
d) The device needs to be replaced immediately.

If your computer keeps crashing during startup and you have tried to boot into Safe Mode but none of the options for booting into Safe Mode work, what should you try?
a) Replace the CPU.
b) Add more RAM.
c) Remove all components except CPU, one memory module, and hard drive and start the system and add one device at a time.
d) Ask what would Robb Money do (aka Robb Tracey from TestOut)?

You are trying to connect a new USB device to your computer. You install the driver, then connect the device to an open USB port. The device does not work. What should you do?
a) Replace the USB device.
b) Make sure the USB device is plugged in properly.
c) Try a different USB cable.
d) Install a new USB controller card.

You have 2 working computers at home. You buy a new hard drive for computer A. You install the hard drive properly but the new hard drive is not recognized and not working. What should you do?
a) Try installing the hard drive into computer B to see if it works in your other computer.
b) Run a high powered magnet over the top of it to see if there are any loose parts.
c) Open the case to the hard drive, blow on all of the parts really hard, then put the case back on and reinstall it.
d) Throw it away and buy a new one.

You install a new driver for your favorite game on your computer. After loading it, the way your monitor displays other programs looks distorted. What should you do to fix this.
a) Use Device Manager to roll back the video driver.
b) Use Device Manager to disable the video driver.
c) Boot from the Windows installation disk and select Startup Repair.
d) Boot to advanced startup menu and select Last Known Good Configuration.

During the POST, you receive an error message stating that there is no keyboard present. What is the most likely cause of this message?
a) A broken F1 key.
b) Incorrect keyboard data in the CMOS.
c) A poor keyboard connection.
d) An outdated BIOS.

You have just connected a new USB device to your Windows system. You used the installation disc that came with the device to install the drivers needed. After installation, the system crashes when you try to access the new device. What should you do?
a) Remove and then reinstall the device.
b) Download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer's Website.
c) Run the Add Legacy Hardware wizard and manually configure the device.
d) Replace the device itself.

You have just installed several devices at once to a computer, but now the computer fails to boot properly. What should you do?
a) Change the configuration of a single device.
b) Swap a single device with one that you know to be good.
c) Swap all of the devices with those you know to be good.
d) Remove all of the newly added devices and install them one at a time.

A user complains that his USB scanner no longer works. You check Device Manager and see an icon with a black down arrow on it. What should you do?
a) Remove and then reinstall the device.
b) Replace the device.
c) Enable the device in Device Manager.
d) Update the device drivers.

You have just installed a new device in your Windows system. After installation, you can't use the device. You check Device Manager and find an icon for the device with a yellow exclamation mark over it. What should you do?
a) Download the latest driver from the manufacturer's Website.
b) Enable the devices.
c) Reinstall the device.
d) Run the Add Legacy Hardware wizard and manually configure the device.

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