Social Studies 5 Chapter 10 Set C Question Preview (ID: 36993)

Civil War.[print questions]

Where was the battle of Fort Sumter?
a) South Carolina
b) North Carolina
c) Virginia
d) Maryland

Why did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation have no immediate effects?
a) He didn't sign it right away
b) It only applied to states that had seceded
c) Slaves couldn't read the law, so they didn't know that they were freed
d) It was vetoed by Congress

What happened on April 14, 1865?
a) The Civil War was officially ended
b) The Kansas-Nebraska Act was signed.
c) President Lincoln was assassinated.
d) Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.

What was the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation
a) It freed the slaves in the border states
b) If the Union won the war, slavery would end
c) It made Lincoln more popular in the South
d) It ended the Civil War

Which of these was a direct result of Abraham Lincoln becoming president?
a) The southern states began to secede from the Union
b) The Kansas-Nebraska Act is signed.
c) He gave the Gettysburg Address
d) The Compromise of 1850 is signed.

Which president was elected in 1860 without 50% of the vote?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Stephen Douglas
d) Robert E. Lee

What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do?
a) It led to fighting between northern abolitionists and slave supporters from the south
b) It allowed Kansas and Nebraska into the Union
c) It made it possible for Kansas and Nebraska to have plantations
d) It made Kansas a slave state and Nebraska a free state

The Compromise of 1850 did all the following EXCEPT
a) allow the western territories to chose to be slave states or free states
b) introduce the Fugitive Slave Act
c) admit California to the Union as a free state
d) draw a line in the Louisiana territory between slave states and free states

Where was the Battle of Bull Run?
a) Virginia
b) Maryland
c) Mississippi
d) Pennsylvania

Where was the battle of Antietam?
a) Virginia
b) Maryland
c) Pennsylvania
d) South Carolina

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