Maternal, Fetal, Infant Nutrition Review Question Preview (ID: 36986)

Review Of Concepts From Standard 4 5.[print questions]

what is usually offered as the first solid foods for infants?
a) infant cereal
b) tiny pieces of meat
c) strained vegetables
d) applesauce

A pregnant female may be advised to add which to her diet?
a) prenatal vitamins
b) caffeine
c) wine
d) cigarattes

A major concern with teen pregnancy is..
a) teens usually have poor diets
b) teens usually don't seek medical attention after they find out they preggars
c) teens are not fully developed yet themselves
d) all of above

When a person eats non-edible items, it's called..
a) peca
b) pica
c) cray cray
d) pika

The recommended weight gain for a pregnant female is about..
a) 10-15 lbs
b) 15-20 lbs
c) 25-35 lbs
d) 40-50 lbs

this could occur in newborns if the mother drinks even a little alcohol while preggars
a) fetus alcoholic disease
b) fetal alcohol syndrome
c) crunk baby syndrome
d) infant alcohol poisoning

The negative effects of drug use lasts longer in the fetus than the pregnant mother.
a) true
b) false

It is okay for a pregnant woman to have a little alcoholic drink as long as you don't overdo it.
a) true
b) false

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, she should stop exercising since it may harm the baby
a) true
b) false

Women who are above or below a general healthy weight are more likely to experience problems during pregnancy.
a) true
b) false

Which is NOT considered a high risk pregnancy?
a) teen pregnant at 16
b) woman pregnant at 40
c) woman pregnant at 30
d) woman pregnant who has diabetes

a series of growth and development stages that we all pass through before birth until death
a) puberty
b) age-ism
c) life cycle
d) lgrowth decades

a baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy
a) full term
b) premature
c) low birth weight baby
d) fetus

a child in the first year of life
a) infant
b) premature baby
c) toddler
d) fetus

the name for the developing human from 9 weeks after conception until birth
a) infant
b) embryo
c) zygote
d) fetus

one third of a pregnancy period is called this
a) bimester
b) trimester
c) cincomester
d) trymester

An organ inside the uterus through which materials are transferred between the mother and fetus
a) heart
b) stomach
c) placenta
d) fetus

Why are solid foods usually introduced one at a time?
a) so the baby won't choke
b) to keep the baby food cost low
c) to identify allergies, if any
d) to keep the baby won't get fat

Which of the following is NOT a benefit for breastfeeding an infant?
a) studies show baby's are less sick when they receive immunities from breastmilk
b) studies show mothers lose baby weight faster if they breastfeed
c) studies show babies who are breastfed do not develop as fast as when formula-fed
d) studies show infants who are breast fed have higher test scores in school than formula fed

A very important nutrient that a pregnant woman should add to prevent birth defects is..
a) folate
b) vitamin c
c) calcium
d) vitamin B12

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