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A male is
a) XY
b) XX
c) X
d) Y

If a black chicken and white chicken produce a black and white speckled chicken the alleles are
a) polygenic
b) incomplete
c) codominant
d) recessive

Eye color is determined by 6 genes it is an example of
a) polygenic
b) codominant
c) transgenic
d) incomplete

A female is
a) XY
b) XX
c) XXY
d) X

Genes close together on the same chromosome may be
a) codominant
b) recessive
c) incomplete
d) linked

Which chromosome has more gene on it
a) X
b) Y

An organism produced by combining DNA from wheat and soy would be
a) transgenic
b) codominant
c) incomplete
d) gene therapy

A red flower and a white flower produce a pink flower this is
a) codominance
b) incomplete dominance
c) transgenics
d) nondisjunction

Most sex linked genes are located on
a) X chromosome
b) autosomes
c) Y chromosome
d) anywhere

This is used to cure genetic disorders
a) selective breeding
b) nondisjunction
c) codominance
d) gene therapy

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