USI.8b #2 (Westward Movement) Question Preview (ID: 36977)

Reviews USI.8b.

Which was NOT an effect of building the Erie Canal?
a) It cut down on the time it took to travel from east to west.
b) It helped make New York City into a major trading port.
c) It drastically reduced the cost of moving goods.
d) It helped inspire the creation of the National Road.

Which each aspect of Manifest Destiny describes the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
a) Thousands of settlers went  west to farm new lands and  to find gold.
b) American Indians were  forced from their homelands  and sent to live on  reservations.
c) Thomas Jefferson wanted to  explore the land bought  with the Louisiana Purchase
d) Thousands of people moved from Europe to the west.

Which waterway connecting Lake Erie to the Hudson River allows for cheaper and  faster transportation?
a) Erie Canal
b) Lake Michigan
c) St. Lawrence River
d) Ohio River

Hundreds of thousands of people followed paths west as they moved towards new  opportunities. Which trail left Missouri and went to New Mexico?
a) California
b) Utah
c) Oregon
d) Santa Fe

The idea that expansion was for the good of the country was known as —
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Madison Doctrine
d) Magna Carta

The Oregon and the Santa Fe are known as —
a) overland trails
b) early states
c) early colonies
d) western cow towns

One of the reasons the Erie Canal was important was because it —
a) made it easier to cross the Rocky Mountains
b) was a route to the Gulf of Mexico
c) made it easier to bring water to farms
d) provided a faster route westward

Which was NOT an effect of building the Erie Canal?
a) It helped make New York City into a major trading port.
b) It drastically reduced the cost of moving goods.
c) It effectively linked Lake Erie with the Potomac River.
d) It cut down on the time it took to travel from east to west.

Which each aspect of Manifest Destiny describes the Trail of Tears?
a) Thomas Jefferson wanted to  explore the land bought  with the Louisiana Purchase.
b) Thousands of settlers went  west to farm new lands and  to find gold.
c) Thousands of people moved from Europe to the west.
d) American Indians were  forced from their homelands  and sent to live on  reservations.

Which each aspect of Manifest Destiny describes the Oregon Trail?
a) American Indians were  forced from their homelands  and sent to live on  reservations.
b) Thousands of settlers went  west to farm new lands and  to find gold.
c) Thousands of people moved from Europe to the west.
d) Thomas Jefferson wanted to  explore the land bought  with the Louisiana Purchase.

Which statement best describes the concept of Manifest Destiny?
a) It was the trail American Indians took west to resettle on government-sanctioned reservations.
b) It was the group that Lewis and Clark took to explore the American West.
c) It was the philosophy behind Andrew Jackson's decisions to dissolve the Second Bank of the  United States.
d) It was a belief that it was America's right to expand and settle from the Atlantic Ocean to the  Pacific Ocean.

Which factor that influenced westward movement is displayed in an advertisement about going to Iowa and Nebraska for land ?
a) farmers
b) fishermen
c) prospectors
d) artisans

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