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Which kingdom is made of many cells, has a nucleus, does sexual reproduction and can move around and digest food inside their bodies
a) kindgom fungi
b) kingdom animalia
c) kingdom protista
d) kingdom plantae

What do all cells have in common
a) DNA, nucleus, cell wall
b) DNA, Cell membrane, cytoplasm
c) Cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm
d) cell wall, DNA, chloroplasts

What is a Eukaryote
a) A cell without a nucleus
b) a cell made of many cells
c) a cell with a nucleus
d) A cell that is made of 1 cell

what is the jelly like substance found in all cells
a) cell membrane
b) DNA
c) cell wall
d) cytoplasm

an organism that must eat food is called a-
a) heterotroph
b) carnivore
c) ominvore
d) autotroph

When a cell is made of many cells we call it-
a) multicellular
b) unicellular
c) autotrophic
d) heterotrophic

which type of reproduction requires only 1 parent
a) sexual
b) asexual
c) multicellular
d) unicellular

What is the basic unit of life that is the smallest part of an organism?
a) atoms
b) molecules
c) cells
d) compounds

Which kingdom is usually single celled but eukaryotic so is often considered a weirdo
a) kingdom bacteria
b) kingdom archeae
c) kingdom animalia
d) kingdom protista

What is DNA
a) large cells
b) small cells
c) a cell tail
d) genetic material

What is the structure found in eukaryotic cells and not prokaryotic cells
a) DNA
b) Cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) Cytoplasm

which kingdom is made up of many cells, has a nucleus, and makes its own food through photosythesis
a) kingdom bacteria
b) kingdom fungi
c) kingdom plantae
d) kingdom animalia

Which kingdom includes organisms that are prokaryotic, single celled, and often INFECT people and cause disease
a) kingdom protista
b) kingdom archaea
c) kingdom fungi
d) kingdom bacteria

This is the domain that contains all the organisms with Eukaryotic cells
a) domain plantae
b) domain eukarya
c) domain archaea
d) domain bacteria

what is a prokaryote
a) an organism that does not have a nucleus
b) an organism that has a nucleus
c) an organism made of many cells
d) an organism made of 1 cell

What do we call an organism that can make its own food
a) heterotrophic
b) multicellular
c) autotrophic
d) unicellular

A type of reproduction that requires 2 parents
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) autotrophic
d) heterotrophic

an organism from this kingdom is single celled, has no nucleus, is asexual and often live in extreme enviornments
a) kingdom plantae
b) kingdom archaea
c) kingdom bacteria
d) kingdom protista

Which kingdom is made of many cells, must eat food, has a nucleus and is a decomposer so absorbs already digested food
a) kingdom animalia
b) kingdom funi
c) kingdom protista
d) kingdom bacteria

which lists ALL the domains
a) fungi, plantae, animalia, and protista
b) bacteria and archaea
c) eukarya, bacteria, archaea
d) plantae and bacteria

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