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STAAR Review.

In paragraph 1, what kind of mood does the author's use of the image black blizzard suggest?
a) Promising
b) Threatening
c) Friendly
d) Refreshing

Which type of conflict does the story's setting create?
a) Chracter v's character
b) character v's self
c) character v's nature
d) character v's society

Paragraph 5 and 6 are important in the story because they-
a) show how well Edwin takes care of his sisters
b) shows the causes and effects of dust storms
c) explains why the family might have to give up their farm
d) describe the daily life of migrant farm laborers

Which idea is developed by details of place and time in the story?
a) Liffe was very difficult for some farmers in the Great Plains during the 1930's.
b) All children who lived on farms at that time wre expected to work
c) Every farm family in the 1930s had a milk cow and a herd of cattle
d) Agriculture flourished across the United States in the 1930s

The reader can tell the story is told from third person point of view because the narrator-
a) uses the pronoun I and We and takes part in the action
b) never reveals what the characters think or feel
c) reveals what the characters think or feel, but does not participate in the action
d) knows everything about all the characters and takes part in the story's events

Which word best describes Edwin's character, based on his words and actions in the story?
a) Playful
b) Adventurous
c) Immature
d) Responsible

What motivates Edwin's father to want to move the family to California?
a) He wants to live somewhere where it is sunny all the time.
b) He wants to be able to provide better for his family.
c) He no longer wants to work so hard in the fields.
d) He thinks his family deserves a fun road trip.

In paragraph 10, what does the image of the orange grove on the old calendar page symbolize to Edwin?
a) A fruitful experience
b) A more innocent time in the past
c) A much needed vacation
d) The promise of a fresh start in a new place

In paragraph 12, the word protruding means-
a) falling before
b) sticking out
c) cutting through
d) leaning foward

Based on the story's resolution, the reader can conclude that Edwin?
a) gave his cow to a family in need
b) went to work on a nearby farm
c) sold his cow to the Baileys to help his family
d) decided not to move to California with his family

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