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his dubious plan
a) questionable
b) obvious
c) simple
d) important

volatile situations
a) exhausting
b) explosive
c) many-sided
d) dull

to write an equation
a) correct answer
b) correct answer
c) true story
d) mathematical statement

full of vanity
a) beauty
b) greed
c) strength
d) conceit

essence of his ideas
a) advance knowledge
b) fundamental nature
c) numerous quantity
d) extreme complexity

unkempt children
a) untidy
b) mannerly
c) well-fed
d) not clever

grueling contests
a) exciting
b) exhausting
c) fixed
d) important

a great liability
a) disadvantage
b) plan
c) opportunity
d) an advantage

a haphazard way
a) organized
b) long
c) careful
d) unplanned

frenzied activity
a) loud
b) restrained
c) frantic
d) outside

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