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A device used to protect buildings from electrical fires is a(n)
a) electric meter
b) both circuit breaker and fuse
c) fuse
d) circuit breaker

Which of the following is NOT an insulator?
a) air
b) wood
c) glass
d) water

Objects that are in contact with the Earth are
a) unable to conduct electric charge
b) grounded
c) All of the above
d) insulators of electric charge

A device that is made of several cells and produces an electric current by converting chemical energy into electrical energy is called?
a) an electroscope
b) a battery
c) a thermostat
d) a thermocouple

A difference in charge between two electrodes in a cell causes a_____between the electrodes.
a) potenial charge
b) potential problem
c) potential force
d) potential difference

The part of a solar panel that converts light into electrical energy is called a...?
a) cell
b) photocell
c) battery
d) thermoscope

_____is used in homes because it is more practical for transferring electrical energy.
a) Photonic current
b) Thermic current
c) Alternating current
d) Direct current

Opposition to the flow of electric charge is called?
a) voltage
b) current
c) potential difference
d) resistance

A device that uses electrical energy to do work is called a...?
a) circuit
b) load
c) series circuit
d) parallel circuit

There are 4 light bulbs in a parallel circuit, you add 5 more what will happen to the brightness?
a) The bulbs would no longer glow
b) The bulbs would grow brighter
c) The bulbs would grow dimmer
d) The brightness would not change

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