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Yay For Evolution!

A process in which a new species develops or changes from the original is called...
a) biology
b) evolution
c) fossil
d) mutation

An example of a vestigial structure is...
a) brain
b) arm bones
c) leg bones
d) tail-bone

An example of a homologous structure is...
a) tail-bone
b) appendix
c) arm and leg bones
d) a whale's limb bone

The naturalist that developed the theory of evolution is...
a) Einstein
b) HerbstCo
c) Darwin
d) Galileo

The evidence left in rock of animal and plants are called...
a) mutations
b) bones
c) fossils
d) dirt

The theory that organisms that adapt to survive and produce more is called...
a) extinct
b) endangered
c) thriving
d) natural selection

Changes in DNA that affect how an organism looks, behaves or develops is called...
a) fossil
b) mutation
c) natural selection
d) extinct

When a species is gone, that is called...
a) endangered
b) mutation
c) evolution
d) extinction

A structure in organisms that is no longer needed is...
a) homologous
b) vestigial

A trait in organisms that is still needed or used for survival is...
a) vestigial
b) homologous

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