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When ash, cinders, and bombs build up in a steep pile around a volcano's vent, the result is a
a) cinder cone volcano.
b) sheild volcano.
c) composite volcano.
d) dormant volcano.

When groundwater heated by magma rises to the surface and collects in a natural pool, it is called a
a) hot spring.
b) geyser.
c) vent.
d) pyroclastic flow.

The huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountain is called a
a) lava plateau.
b) caldera.
c) cinder cone.
d) sheild volcano.

Several kilometers froma volcano, a geologist observes an old lava flow made up of dark-colored basalt rock. The geologist infers that the lava must have had
a) high silica content.
b) high viscosity.
c) low viscosity.
d) medium viscosity.

When many layers of thin, runny lava build up a high, level aera, the result is a
a) lava plateau.
b) sheild volcano.
c) cinder cone volcano.
d) composite volcano.

What triggers the small earthquakes that occur around a volcano before an eruption?
a) upward movement of magma
b) pyroclastic flow
c) cooling magma inside the crust
d) plate movements

When magma hardens in a volcano's pipe, the result will eventually be a landform called a
a) batholith.
b) dike.
c) volcanic neck.
d) sill.

Pahoehoe is
a) cooler, slower-moving lava.
b) fast-moving, hot lava.
c) volcanic ash.
d) lava with a rough, chunky surface.

What is the landform that forms when a mass of hardened magma is uplifted, causing the layers of rock to bend upward?
a) volcanic neck
b) dike
c) lava plateau
d) dome mountain

If a volcano's magma is high in silica, the volcano will probably
a) erupt quietly.
b) remain dormant.
c) erupt explosively.
d) produce dark-colored lava.

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