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The long tube in the ground that connects the magma chamber to Earth\\\'s surface is called the
a) vent.
b) side vent.
c) pipe.
d) crater.

Volcanic belts form along
a) islands in the Pacific Ocean.
b) North American mountain ranges.
c) the boundaries of Earth\\\'s plates.
d) the coast of Antartica.

The volcanoes along converging plate boundaries may form
a) a hot spot.
b) a part of the mid-ocean ridge.
c) an island arc.
d) a subducting plate.

The viscosity of magma depends upon its silica content and its
a) pahoehoe.
b) temperature.
c) magnetism.
d) pyroclastic flow.

In volcanic aeras, groundwater heated by magma is a source of
a) lava flows.
b) silica.
c) geothermal energy.
d) pyroclastic flows.

Tall, cone-shaped mountains in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash are called
a) sheild volcaones.
b) cinder cone volcanoes.
c) composite volvanoes.
d) lava plateaus.

The formation of the Hawaiian Islands is one example of
a) volcanoes forming over a hot spot.
b) volcanos forming along plate boundaries.
c) the Ring of Fire.
d) continental drift.

Which type of rock would you expect to form as the result of an explosive eruption?
a) pahoehoe
b) granite
c) pumice
d) aa

A volcano that may erupt again at some time in the distant future is
a) active.
b) dormant.
c) explosive.
d) extinct.

Magma that forces across rock layers hardens into a
a) sill.
b) volcanic neck.
c) dike.
d) batholith.

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