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When Aunt Alexandra comes to stay with them, the children are
a) delighted.
b) angry.
c) depressed.

Dill feels sick in the courtroom because
a) the drink Mr. Raymond gives him makes him sick.
b) the heat is intense.
c) Mr. Gilmer cross-examines Tom in a disrespectful way.

After Scout takes Boo Radley home, she
a) runs home.
b) goes in and meets Mrs. Radley.
c) stands on the porch, looking at the street as Boo has seen it all those years.

Heck Tate insists Bob Ewell fell on his own knife because Tate wants to
a) spare Atticus embarrassment.
b) protect Jem from more pain.
c) shield Boo from public attention.

According to gossip, the Radleys keep Boo at home because he is
a) horribly ugly and deformed.
b) sickly and frightened.
c) insane and violent.

Atticus says you can get along better with a person if you
a) learn to
b) crawl into that person's skin.
c) take an honest look in the mirror.

The main reason Atticus defends Tom Robinson is because he
a) knows Tom doesn't have a chance without his help.
b) feels he owes the blacks of Maycomb a debt.
c) wants to stand up for his principles.

Atticus hopes Jem and Scout can get through the trial without catching
a) conceit.
b) prejudice.
c) resentment.

Miss Maudie says that to kill a mockingbird is a sin because mockingbirds are
a) rare and shy birds.
b) a reminder of the Old South.
c) harmless and defenseless creatures.

Justice for most people in To Kill a Mockingbird means doing what is fair or right according to
a) Atticus.
b) tradition.
c) the United States Constitution.

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