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When Atticus calls Mayella Ewell Miss Mayella and ma'am, she feels
a) the terms are a mark of respect.
b) that he is making fun of her.
c) that she is important.

Heck Tate is best described as
a) cruel and unjust.
b) wise and tolerant.
c) prejudiced and ignorant.

During the trial, Scout realizes that Mayella Ewell is
a) a shrewd, calculating woman.
b) the loneliest person in the world.
c) generous and loving.

Jem and Scout's respect for their father is greatly increased when he
a) collects a large fee from a client.
b) argues with Mrs. Dubose.
c) shoots a mad dog.

Mr. Underwood says that Tom Robinson's death is
a) the working of justice.
b) a senseless slaughter.
c) Atticus's fault.

The church ladies seem to be less interested in poverty in their own town than
a) poverty and strange customs in foreign lands.
b) their own clothes.
c) local government.

Jem is broken-hearted when Tom Robinson is convicted because
a) Jem can't understand such injustice.
b) Tom is an old friend.
c) Jem is disappointed in his father.

After the trial, Dill says that when he grows up, he wants to be a
a) clown.
b) lawyer.
c) doctor.

The children gradually conclude that background is
a) how much money a family has.
b) how long a family has owned land and been literate.
c) how important the father is in the community.

In his speech to the jury, Atticus says he feels pity for
a) Helen Robinson.
b) Mayella Ewell.
c) the townspeople.

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