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The story takes place in the
a) 1920s.
b) 1950s.
c) 1940s.
d) 1930s.

________ places a blanket around Scout\'s shoulders during the fire at Miss Maudie\'s house.
a) Boo
b) Miss Maudie
c) Jem
d) Atticus

Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to
a) a football game.
b) a Lady Gaga concert.
c) church.
d) Atticus\'s office.

On the first day of school, Scout gets in trouble because
a) she told Miss Caroline she was a bad teacher.
b) she can already read.
c) she slapped Walter Cunningham.
d) she beat up Jem.

Bob Ewell is killed by
a) his own knife.
b) Scout.
c) Boo Radley.
d) Jem.

Jem and Scout are attacked by
a) Bob Ewell.
b) Tom Robinson.
c) Cecil Jacobs.
d) Boo Radley.

Jem and Scout are saved by
a) Bob Ewell.
b) Tom Robinson.
c) Boo Radley
d) Cecil Jacobs.

The weapon used to kill Bob Ewell is
a) a knife
b) Boo\'s fist.
c) a gun.
d) a dog.

The narrator of the story is
a) Jim Finch.
b) Atticus Finch.
c) Dill Harris.
d) Scout Finch.

The first-person point of view allows the reader to
a) see everything that is going on in the story.
b) see into the future.
c) see only one character\'s thoughts and actions through that character\'s eyes.
d) see only one character\'s thoughts and actions through someone else\'s eyes.

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