Chapter 8 Creating The Constitution Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 36838)

This Is The Second Review On The Creation Of The Constitution.

The Constitutional Convention gave the job of choosing a chief executive to
a) Electors chosen by the states.
b) Major political parties.
c) State legislatures and governors.
d) Members of Congress.

James Madison is known as the “Father of the Constitution” because
a) His influence on the Constitutional Convention was so great.
b) He was the oldest and wisest of the delegates to the convention.
c) He took notes on everything said during the convention.
d) He studied modern and ancient governments to see what worked.

The Great Compromise was primarily related to
a) Representation in Congress.
b) Election of the president.
c) Selection of Supreme Court justices.
d) Checks and balances.

What was the function of the judicial branch?
a) Apply and interpret the laws
b) Carry out the laws
c) Make the laws
d) Break the laws

What was the function of the executive branch?
a) Carry out the laws
b) Apply and interpret the laws
c) Make the laws
d) Break the laws

What was the function of the Legislative Branch?
a) Make the laws
b) Carry out the laws
c) Apply and interpret the laws
d) Break the laws

Both the Virginia and New Jersey Plans called for
a) Three branches of government.
b) Two houses of Congress.
c) An elected president.
d) An end to the slave trade.

What was the result of many whites reconsidering their views on slavery?
a) More and more came to the conclusion that slavery was wrong.
b) Slavery ended immediately.
c) The number of slaves increased.
d) None are true.

How did the delegates decide to count slaves?
a) They would count them as 3/5 a person.
b) They decided not to count them.
c) They decided to count them just like whites.
d) All are true.

An important challenge facing the Constitutional Convention was how to balance the
a) Interests of large and small states.
b) Needs of eastern and western states.
c) Demands of farmers and workers.
d) Rights of slaves and slaveholders.

Supporters of the new Constitution were known as
a) Federalists
b) Republicans
c) Patriots
d) Anti-Federalists

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