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An object becomes charged when the atoms in the object gain or lose
a) protons
b) all of the above
c) electrons
d) neutrons

A material through which charges can move easily is called?
a) conductor
b) reductor
c) inductor
d) insulator

The buildup of charges on an object is called?
a) an electric force
b) an electric charge
c) an electric field
d) static electricity

A material that charges can NOT move easily through is called?
a) conductor
b) reductor
c) inductor
d) insulator

Why does a light come on instantly when you flip on a light switch?
a) Electrons move from one end of the wire to the other at the speed of light.
b) All of the above
c) An electric field sets up in the wire at nearly the speed of light.
d) Charges flow at the speed of light.

All circuits include...
a) an energy source, a load, and wires
b) a battery, wires, and a switch
c) a battery, a light bulb, and a switch
d) an energy source, a resistor, and a battery

A circuit in which all parts are connected in a single loop is called a(n)
a) open circuit
b) parallel circuit
c) series circuit
d) open load

Which of the following bulbs would burn the brightest?
a) 40 W
b) 120 W
c) 100 W
d) 65 W

Lightening is an example of?
a) electric discharge
b) electrical conduction
c) eletrical induction
d) electric charge

The rate at which eletrical energy is used to do work is called?
a) electric current
b) static electricity
c) electric power
d) eletrical potential

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