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In paragraph 1, the word contracted means
a) Declined
b) Shortened
c) Sickened
d) Caught

The Latin expressus, meaning clearly presented, distinct, articulated precisely, helps the reader understand the express in paragraph 1 means to
a) speak softly
b) send quickly
c) show by a symbol
d) make known

Which synonym is the best replacement for the word intent in paragraph 3
a) Determined
b) Satisfied
c) Stubborn
d) Constant

Which sentence from the selection helps explain why Helen was successful?
a) Helen quickly learned to read and write.
b) By this time, she had masterd several forms of communication including touchlip reading, Braille, speech, typing, and finger
c) Despite her own challenges, Helen devoted her life to helping others.
d) She was a powerful example of how determination and hard work can help a person overcome adversity

What sentence best expresses the main idea of the selection?
a) Although she was stricken with an illness that rendered her deaf and blind, Helen Keller overcome obstacles in her life.
b) With the help of Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller used a variety of techniques to communicate with others.
c) Helen Kellerdevoted her life to helping disable people in the U.S and all over the world.
d) It is much better to prevent blindness than it is to help people who are blind overcome their condition

Which sentence from he selection states an opinion?
a) Although Helen began to speak by the time she was 10 years old, she took more than 25 years for her to learn to speak.
b) In her work with the American Foundation of Overseas Blind, Helen traveled to 35 countries on five continents to lecture.
c) She wrote numerous articles and books.
d) Helen was an intelligent and ambitious woman who accomplished great things in her life.

The author organized this selection by
a) Stating facts about Helen and her education and telling how she helped others
b) Describing the role of Helen's schooling in her future life
c) Comparing Helen's life to Sullivan's life
d) Explaining why it is important for a hearing person to learn sigh language.

Did Helen graduated with honors?
a) Yes, she did
b) No, she did not
c) She didn't study

What is the name of the school Hellen graduated from?
a) Radcliffe College
c) University of San Antonio
d) University

How old was Hellen when she began to speak?
a) 10 years old
b) 20 years old
c) 15 years old
d) 2 years old

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