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After the pharoah who were three important government officials in ancient Egypt?
a) priest, scribe, peasant
b) red shirts, yellow shirts, blue shirts
c) vizier, treasurer, general
d) general, military, army

What was the seating arrangement at government officials\' banquets?
a) men and women sat on opposite sides
b) women sat on chairs, men sat on the floor
c) children sat on their parents' shoulders
d) everyone sat around the pharoah

What kinds of food and drink was served at government officials' banquets?
a) hamburgers, french fries, pizza, chicken wings, ice cream, Pepsi, Fanta
b) fish, bread, onions, cucumbers, peas, lentils, water, beer
c) bread, cheese, pasta, salad, chicken, beef, wine, beer
d) geese, wild sheep, goats, figs, dates, grapes, bread, honey, wine, beer

What forms of entertainment occurred at banquets?
a) massage, card playing, gambling
b) playing music, dancing, acrobats
c) football, ping pong, basketball
d) theater, singing, dancing

What did Egyptians think happened to people after they die?
a) they went to heaven
b) their soul evaporated
c) they were reborn as an animal
d) they had an afterlife

What are the key steps Egyptian priests followed to embalm a body?
a) remove the organs, pull the brain out, leave the heart in, wash and oil body, wrap body in linen
b) chop off the head, remove the arms and legs, place in a coffin, bury the coffin
c) shave the head, paint the skin, leave the heart in, wrap the body in cloth and cover with oil
d) place the body in a sarcophagus and bury

Besides embalming bodies, what else did priests do?
a) maintain the temple website
b) gave advice, performed healings, take care of the god of the temple
c) lead prayers, clean the temple, visit the river gods
d) dance for the pharoah, maintain the cemetary, carve soap

What did women priests do?
a) cooked food and sewed clothes for the pharoah
b) design and oversee the construction of pyramids
c) write stories to be told in the temples
d) oversee temples that were devoted to music and dancing

What things were considered unclean and, thus, were not allowed to be done by priests?
a) smoke, drink, gamble
b) eat pork, shellfish
c) eat fish, wear wool
d) eating with their left hand and drinking beer

Why did Egyptians bury things with people?
a) so they wouldn't be stolen from their homes
b) so they could have them in their afterlife
c) so the could be dug up and studied in 100 years
d) because they didn't want to share them with their family and friends

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