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Ancient Greece is surrounded by
a) the Mediterranean Sea
b) the Pacific Ocean
c) the Atlantic Ocean
d) the Nile River

The act of giving or doing something is a
a) ancient
b) contribution
c) characteristic
d) trait

Which building in ancient Greece has columns as part of the architecture
a) The Colosseum
b) The Olympics
c) The Parthenon
d) The Great Wall

What is the word that means old?
a) contribution
b) characteristic
c) trait
d) ancient

One way the ancient Greeks adapted to thier environment was _______.
a) farmed on hillsides
b) traded on the Nile River
c) farmed with tractors
d) coal mining

Which of the following was a PHYSICAL characteristic of ancient Greece?
a) They had limited rich soil
b) traders
c) shipbuilders
d) farmers

Which of the following is NOT a contribution of ancient Greece?
a) Olympics
b) Columns
c) Pyramids
d) Direct Democracy

The word characteristic means
a) community
b) different traits
c) old
d) human

The human characteristics of ancient Greece were
a) traders, shipbuilders, and farmers
b) shipbuilders, kings, and explorers
c) farmers, road builders, and miners
d) kings, soldiers, and shipbuilders

What sporting event that we still have today, is a contribution from ancient Greece?
a) tennis
b) baseball
c) football
d) The Olympics

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