Intro To Image Editing Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 36764)

Intro To Image Editing (Photoshop)Part 1.

Used to change the view of your document window using a thumbnail display
a) Navigator Panel
b) History Panel
c) Orientation
d) Resolution

Making corrections and changes to a photo
a) Saving
b) Viewing
c) Editing
d) Zooming

Allows you to focus on certain parts of a photo
a) Resizing
b) Rotating
c) Cropping
d) Zooming

A collection of graphically displayed choices commands related to a specific tool/feature
a) Options Bar
b) Application Bar
c) Panels
d) Workspace

Displays the file you are working on
a) Panels
b) Document Window
c) Toolbar
d) Options Bar

Displays buttons for the currently selected tool and the workspace switcher
a) Toolbar
b) Options Bar
c) Application Bar
d) Workspace

Organizes commands in individual menus.
a) Application Bar
b) Options Bar
c) Panels
d) Workspace

What changes every time you change tools?
a) Application Bar
b) Options Bar
c) Panels
d) Document Window

The gray area and the panels are referred to collectively as
a) Panels
b) Applicatation Bar
c) Workspace
d) Options Bar

Software that refres to the computer programs that allow you to create and modify digital images
a) Computer Graphics
b) Audio Production
c) Image Editing
d) Word Processing

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