Science 6 Chapter 10 Test Set 2 Question Preview (ID: 36756)

Electromagnetic Spectrum Part 2.

How are the electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic wave oriented?
a) parallel to each other
b) perpendicular to each other
c) in many directions
d) in the same wave plane

Electric current flows when light shines on certain substances. This is known as
a) polarized light
b) the photoelectric effect
c) photons
d) amplitude modulation

What type of satellites receive radio, television, and telephone signals and transmit them around the world?
a) GPS Satellites
b) Communications Satellites
c) Terrestrial Satellites
d) Cellular Satellites

Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is the only part you can see?
a) Ultraviolet Rays
b) Infrared Waves
c) Visible Light
d) Microwaves

What kind of waves are recorded by a thermogram?
a) Ultraviolet Rays
b) Infrared Waves
c) Visible Light
d) Microwaves

Electromagnetic waves are classified as what kind of waves?
a) Transverse
b) Longitudinal
c) Mechanical
d) Surface

What kind of light only vibrate in one direction?
a) Photons
b) Polarized Light
c) Visible Light
d) Gamma Rays

What type of telephone signals make phone calls possible in any world location?
a) Satellite systems
b) Cellular Phones
c) Landline Phones
d) Pagers

Cellular phones transmit signals using what kind of waves?
a) Gamma Rays
b) Infrared Waves
c) Microwaves
d) Radio Waves

Radio waves can send information to which of these devices?
a) Cell phone
b) Blender
c) Television
d) Microwave

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