7th Greece 3 Question Preview (ID: 36754)

7th Greece 3.

What were the two forms of greek drama and how were they different?
a) A bad answer
b) A terrible answer
c) The worst answer
d) What Mr. Mckay would have said

To send someone away from the city-state for ten years
a) Collapse
b) Founded
c) Vivid
d) Ostracize

What was an effect of Alexander the Great’s empire?
a) Greek became the common language in the controlled lands
b) The cultures of Greece and the conquered lands blended
c) There were 70 cities named Alexandria built; including Alexandria Egypt
d) All of the choices

Greek word for city-state
a) Helot
b) Polis
c) Tyrant
d) Citizen

In ancient Greece, ruler who took power illegally
a) King
b) Tyrant
c) Senator
d) Aristotle

Where did Alexander the Great and/or his father Phillip conquer?
a) Persia
b) Egypt
c) Greece
d) All of the choices

A government ruled by a few powerful individuals
a) Tyrant
b) Aristocracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Monarchy

What was the long-term effect of the Peloponnesian War?
a) Athens became the dominant power in Greece
b) Persia was defeated
c) All of Greece was vulnerable to invasion from an outside power
d) All of Greece was united

Student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great
a) Homer
b) Socrates
c) Aristotle
d) Pericles

How were Sparta and Athens alike and different?
a) The right answer
b) The wrong answer
c) another wrong answer
d) a really wrong answer

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