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Evolution Quiz Review.

Variation can be defined as:
a) differences between species
b) differences between members of a political party
c) differences between the members of a species
d) differences between communities in an ecosystem

An example of variation is the following:
a) A dog and a cat that both have stripes
b) Some of an insect’s offspring have spots, and some are one color 
c) I am wearing grey pants and you are wearing brown pants 
d) Most polar bears are white 

Adaptations always depend on the _____________in which the organism lives.
a) Environent
b) House
c) Niche
d) Street

A cactus plant is adapted to living in desert biomes. The desert is the catus’ ___________________.
a) Mutation
b) Natural trait
c) Evolutionary tree
d) Environment

When a member of a population has a helpful variation, it is able to:
a) Survive and reproduce
b) Live and die
c) Make a living
d) Change its surroundings

The change in the population over a long period of time is called:
a) Evolution
b) Environmental pressure
c) A niche
d) Reproduction

Evolution usually happens over ______________________________ of years.
a) Tens
b) Hundreds
c) Trillions
d) Millions

Because no one can watch it happen, ____________________________ provide scientists with proof of evolution.
a) Photographs
b) Fossils
c) Sketches
d) Recordings

What is the name of the scientist that concluded that this happened to the finches on the Galapagos Islands? 
a) Carl Sagan
b) Bill Nye
c) Ms. De La Rosa
d) Charles Darwin

Variation happens randomly in a population, which means:
a) it is not something caused by the organism on purpose
b) organisms change what they look like on purpose
c) organisms blend in with their surroundings
d) all members of a population look exactly alike

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