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Review Of Australia Government And Economic Terms.

Three things that determine Australia’s trade:
a) location, climate, natural resources
b) population, government, art work
c) star alignment, planetary shifts, asteroids
d) industry, natural resources, government

Coal is used for ________________.
a) energy
b) coins and jewelry
c) trains
d) steel

Iron ore is used to make ________.
a) trains
b) steel
c) energy
d) coins and jewelry

Three of Australia's main exports are ________, _______, and ________.
a) diamonds, rubies, emeralds
b) trees, paper, toothpicks
c) coal, iron ore, gold
d) computer software, technology, vegetables

China, Japan, South Korea, and India are four of Australia's main ___________.
a) enemies
b) allies
c) trading partners
d) immigrants

A country with a high literacy rate usually has a high ______.
a) number of libraries
b) crime rate
c) standard of living
d) government rating

Australia's government is a ______________.
a) unitary democracy
b) congressional democracy
c) republic oligarchic parliament
d) federal parliamentary democracy

Australia's legislature is called a ___________.
a) senate
b) commission
c) parliament
d) monarcy

Australia's figurehead head of state is ____.
a) British Monarch
b) Prime Minister
c) Governor General
d) House of Lords and Commons

Australia's head of government is the ______ .
a) queen
b) prime minister
c) governor general
d) House of Lords and Commons

In Australia, voting is compulsory for everyone over the age of 18. Compulsory means ____________.
a) voluntary
b) required
c) allowed
d) banned

Australia's economy is a ________ _______ and is ____________ and __________.
a) mixed market, unstable, in trouble
b) command market, controlled, depleted
c) mixed market, successful, stable
d) pure market, unstable, thriving

One of the largest industries in Australia is _______.
a) farming
b) herding
c) technological production
d) mining

Australia encourages _____________ by providing schools to train new business owners and making it easy to start a business.
a) entrepreneurship
b) friendship
c) voting
d) unemployment

Who represents the Queen in Australia?
a) Prime Minister
b) Parliament
c) Monarch
d) Governor-General

Who makes new laws for Australia?
a) Prime Minister
b) Parliament
c) Monarch (Queen)
d) Governor-General

Who appoints the governor-general of Australia?
a) Prime Minister
b) Parliament
c) Monarch (Queen)
d) Governor-General

In Australia's economy, people can...
a) produce and sell only what the government demands
b) produce only what is needed to support the community
c) produce and sell anything with some government input
d) produce and sell anything with no government input

Which term means something that is useful or valuable
a) factor
b) asset
c) investment
d) product

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