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Identify the city in North Carolina that is known as the furniture capital
a) Charlotte
b) High Point
c) Greensboro
d) Raleigh

The ________ amendment granted women the right to vote.
a) 17th
b) 18th
c) 19th
d) 20th

Which of the below statements best explains how mills and factories affected rural and urban populations in NC?
a) Town populations increased as many rural people moved to urban towns to work
b) rural populations increased as many rural urban people moved to rural areas to farm
c) Urban and rural populations did not change
d) Urban and rural populations both decreased

The major factor in the growth of North Carolina's industries was:
a) electricity
b) telephones
c) railroad
d) automobile

The purpose of the Sherman Anti-trust Act was to bring an end to:
a) monopolies
b) industries
c) populism
d) progressivism

How did President Woodrow Wilson's declaration of war affect North Carolina?
a) As a result of the war, new seaports were constructed along North Carolina's coast.
b) There was a blockade of all seaports along North Carolina's coast
c) World War I led to the need for military camps to be established within North Carolina
d) The economy of North Carolina had a disastrous collapse

Which two events best explain the reason for the increase of women in the workforce between 1900 and 1920.
a) The industrial revolution and World War I
b) The industrial revolution and World War II
c) The Civil Rights Movement and World War I
d) The Civil Rights Movement and World War II

How did progressive era muckrakers influence reforms in America during the early 1900's?
a) By providing insight into reform movements elsewhere in the world
b) by writing articles about suspicious government agencies and business that led to reform
c) by writing favorable articles about business and political leaders
d) by bribing government officials to influence reforms

Which event was the final spark that caused Austria to declare war on Serbia to start World War I
a) The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
b) The sinking of the Lusitania
c) Bolsheviks led a revolution in Russia
d) the explosion of an American battleship in the Havana Harbor

Which event led the German Kaiser Wilhelm to surrender in World War I?
a) the Serbians led a revolt
b) Russia signed a peace treaty with Germany
c) The United States entered the war
d) Allied troops pushed the Germans out of France

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