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How are Brutus and Cassius related?
a) brothers-in-law
b) cousins
c) father and son
d) brothers

Who was to deliver the letter that Cassius wrote to Brutus in Act I scene I?
a) Cinna
b) Casca
c) Trebonius
d) Metellus

What reason did Cassius give for wanting to kill Antony as well as Caesar?
a) Antony had such a love for Caesar that Cassius feared him.
b) Cassius wanted to make the murders look like a random act of violence.
c) He feared that Antony would become king if only Caesar died.
d) He secretly enjoyed the act of killing.

Why doesn't Brutus want to swear an oath on the resolution to kill Caesar?
a) He felt they were honest men who would keep their word without an oath.
b) He knew he would break it, so he didn't want to make one to start with.
c) He didn't trust the others to keep their word.
d) He didn't have a Bible nearby to lay his hand on to make the oath.

What was the result of the sacrifice that the priests performed at Caesar's request?
a) They couldn't find a heart in the animal.
b) The animal escaped, so no sacrifice was performed.
c) The animal attacked and killed the priests.
d) The animal didn't bleed when it was killed.

How did Portia know that Brutus' sickness was of the mind and not the body?
a) She said he was smart, and would take something to cure a physical illness.
b) He told her what was on his mind.
c) Cassius told her what was going on.
d) She said she could not find an outward symptom of a physical illness.

Cassius wanted to kill what other person along with Caesar?
a) Antony
b) Cicero
c) Brutus
d) Cinna

What reason did Portia give that she should be able to hear Brutus' secret?
a) Her father was Cato, her husband was Brutus, so she was stronger than most women.
b) It was her marital right to know what was on Brutus' mind.
c) Their marriage vows included the sharing of all secrets.
d) If he didn't tell her, she would not be a wife to him any more.

How did Decius convince Caesar to go to the senate?
a) He said the omens had been misinterpreted, and then gave a favorable interpretation.
b) He threatened to hurt Calphurnia if he didn't go.
c) He said he would not deliver any messages-Caesar would have to do it himself.
d) He threatened to harm Caesar if he didn't go.

Why did Caesar decide not to go to the senate at first?
a) He wanted to please Calphurnia.
b) He believed the omens Calphurnia described, and was afraid.
c) The priests told him to stay home.
d) He became ill.

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