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What did the soothsayer\\\\\\\'s message to Caesar mean?
a) Be careful of March 15.
b) He didn\\\\\\\'t like Cassius\\\\\\\' ideas.
c) Tell your soldiers to march.
d) March 15th is a good day for ideas.

What was Cassius\\\\\\\' plan to sway Brutus to his side?
a) to write letters telling Brutus how respected he was
b) to offer the crown to Caesar
c) to organize a party for him
d) to offer Brutus money to join him

What did Cassius say would happen if Caesar became king?
a) He would kill himself.
b) He would support Caesar.
c) He would be executed.
d) He would go to jail.

What were the common people celebrating in the opening scene?
a) Caesar\'s triumph over Pompey\'s son\'s army
b) Pompey\'s victory in a great battle
c) Brutus\' birthday
d) Caesar\'s birthday

Why was Calphurnia to stand in Antony\'s way when he raced?
a) She thought if Antony touched her she would be cured of the curse of infertility.
b) She was running the next leg of the race.
c) She was going to elope with him.
d) She was to give him water to drink as he raced.

Which of the following is NOT a fault Cassius found with Caesar?
a) He had no children.
b) He had a fever that made him shake.
c) Cassius had to carry a tired Caesar out of the water after a swimming conest.
d) Caesar was a weak man.

What did Flavius fear at the end of the first scene?
a) Caesar would get power hungry and oppress the people
b) Caesar would have no support from the people.
c) People would not show support to Caesar by decorating his statue.
d) He would not be able to celebrate the feast of Lupercal.

How many times was Caesar offered the crown?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 2

What did Cassius think of the omens that Casca saw?
a) They were warnings of an unnatural state to come.
b) They were nonsense.
c) He thought Casca was hallucinating.
d) He thought the world was coming to an end.

Which of the following people thought Caesar would be a good king?
a) Antony
b) Brutus
c) Cassius
d) Flavius

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