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Which is the solid form of water?
a) a lake
b) ice
c) water vapor
d) drinking water

Water in the form of gas is called?
a) drinking water
b) ice
c) water vapor
d) a lake

What provides the heat or energy for the water cycle?
a) the sun
b) elactricity
c) the ground
d) the stove

What is NOT a step in the water cycle?
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) multiplication

Most of the water on earth is?
a) salt water
b) polluted water
c) frozen water
d) fresh water

Without water, all living things will do this?
a) grow
b) move away
c) go thirsty
d) die

Water can be found in this many forms?
a) three
b) four
c) two
d) one

The energy that drives the water cycle comes from?
a) sunlight
b) plants
c) wind
d) tides

What is NOT a form of water?
a) gas
b) mud
c) solid
d) liquid

Where do most commumities get their water from?
a) from the store
b) from the ocean
c) from rivers, reserviors, and wells
d) from plants

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