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Which of the following uses the most amount of energy in the American home each year?
a) lighting
b) water heating
c) heating and cooling rooms
d) refrigeration

If the energy efficiency rating of an appliance increases, the energy it uses will....
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

Coal, petroleum, natural gas and propane are called the fossil fuels because...
a) they are burned to release energy and they cause air pollution
b) they are formed from the buried remains of plants and animals that lived years ago
c) they are nonrenewable and will run out
d) theya re mixed with fossil to provide energy

Gasoline is produced by refining which fossil fuel?
a) natural gas
b) coal
c) petroleum
d) propane

A rise in rail road costs would most effect which energy source?
a) natural gas
b) coal
c) petroleum
d) propane

Biomass energy is a result of burning which of the following?
a) garbage
b) wood
c) agricultural products
d) all of these

The energy in which of the following is the result of photosynthesis?
a) coal
b) natural gas
c) petroleum
d) coal, natural gas, and petroleum

During the last ten years the demand for electricity in the US has:
a) increased
b) decreased
c) remained the same

Today the waste generated by nuclear power plants is stored?
a) at interim sites across the US
b) at the power plants that produces the energy
c) in the Nation's repository in the Yucca Mountains

Which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel?
a) coal
b) natural gas/propane
c) petroleum
d) all are equal

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