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Different forms of a gene are called
a) hybrids
b) recessive factors
c) alleles
d) dominant factors

If a homozygous tall pea plant and a homozygous short pea plant are crossed,
a) the recessive trait seems to disappear
b) all offspring are short
c) no hybrids are produced
d) the offspring are of medium height

A Punnett square is used to determine the
a) probable outcome of a cross
b) results of meiosis
c) results of mitosis
d) actual outcome of a cross

Organisms that have two identical alleles for a particular trait are said to be
a) hybrid
b) dominant
c) homozygous
d) heterozygous

The physical characteristics of an organism are its
a) genetics
b) genotype
c) phenotype
d) heredity

Meiosis takes _______ set(s) of chromosomes and puts ______ set(s) in each gamete.
a) 2, 1
b) 2, 2
c) 1, 2
d) 1, 1

What stage of meiosis has homologous pairs of chromosomes lined up on the cells equator?
a) prophase I
b) metaphase I
c) telophase I
d) metaphase II

Unlike mitosis, meiosis in male mammals results in formation of
a) one haploid cell
b) four haploid gamete cells
c) four diploid gamete cells
d) three diploid polar bodies

To maintain the chromosome number of an organism, the gametes must
a) become diploid
b) be produced by meiosis
c) be produced by mitosis
d) become recessive

Crossing over
a) means you made it to the other side
b) involves the exchange of chromosomal material from homologous chromosomes
c) involves the exchange of chromosomal material from non-homologous chromosomes
d) occurs during mitosis

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