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Memphis has become a major transporation center in today's global economy. This allows goods to easily be shipped into and out of Tennessee. As a result
a) businessess have left Memphis and moved to Alabama
b) several airports around the Memphis area have gone out of business
c) many companies have moved to the state
d) many companies have left the state

What is the major differnece between the economic markets of colonial times compared to our economic markets today?
a) colonial markets had lots of shopoping options
b) in colonial times, gold was used to pay for most purchases
c) today we usually trade for items instead of paying with currency
d) in colonial times, most people traded for the goos and services they needed

Why was the Articles of Confederation, the first written plan of government written in 1781, considered too weak to run our nation?
a) Congress could not charge traitors with a federal crime
b) Congress controlled all the trade with no consideration of each state's need
c) Congress printed its own money to pay for the Revolutionary War
d) Congress could not create an army of control trade

How does having a separate judicial branch of government help to balance the power in government?
a) they make all the laws without the input of individual states
b) the President must always consult the judicial branch of government
c) they settle disputes between states and handle conflicts with federal laws
d) it does not help balance the power since the President has the final say

Before a law is enacted, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President must agree to it. This is called ____________________
a) the legislative rule
b) balancing your checkbook
c) the Bill of Rights
d) the system of checks and balances

Based on the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, what choice is not one of the three basic purposes of our government?
a) to insure basic rights for all citizens
b) to tax citizens to pay for services and programs
c) for power to be divided between state and federal
d) for government to be run by and for the people

In the Preamble to the Constitution, how does the principle,
a) Each citizen has the right to bear arms and protect themselves.
b) Military forces protect citizens from all enemeies foreign and domestic.
c) Each state has the right to raise an army in defense.
d) Citizens have the right to a nattorney if they are ever charged with a crime.

The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution describes the basic funtions of the federal government. One of these is ensuring domestic tranquility. Why is domestic tranquality important
a) all citizens have the right to be happy
b) maintaining cleanliness protects health
c) fighting at home prevents the U.S. from fighting overseas
d) mainting the rule of law protects citizen from harm

Which is not an example of being actively involved in national politics?
a) asking people to sign a petition to send to the President
b) asking people to vote for your favorite candidate for the Congress
c) running for the school board
d) running for the United STates Senate

According ot the U.S. Constitution, which of the following is an example of a responsibility in today's society?
a) attending church
b) fighting pollution
c) having a job
d) paying taxes

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