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Which statement best describes a result of the English Civil War?
a) it led to political change
b) the monarchy won
c) Catholics were defeated
d) the Levellers grew strong

The Thirty Years War was originally a conflict between which two groups?
a) Dissenters and Americans
b) Catholics and Protestants
c) Levellers and Cavaliers
d) Puritans and Roundheads

The adoption of European and American ideas, customs, and technologies into ones' own culture is known as
a) westernization
b) Europeanization
c) imperialism
d) ethnocentrism

In England, the Puritans wanted to purify the Anglican church of _______________ practices.
a) Protestant
b) Catholic
c) democratic
d) absolutist

In a(n) ___________________ monarchy, a king or queen's power is defined and limited by law
a) constitutional
b) theocratic
c) absolute
d) totalitarian

The Restoration refers to the period of English history when
a) a Civil War was being fought
b) Charles II was invited to take the throne and the monarchy was put back in place
c) Catholics were persecuted
d) William and Mary were in power

When Peter the Great inherited Russia, it was
a) still stuck in medieval times and isolated from the rest if the world
b) completely westernized
c) a world leader in trade
d) a magnificent naval power

Supporters of the King during the English Civil War were called
a) Cavaliers
b) Roundheads
c) Puritans
d) Boyars

Peter the Great ruled
a) Russia
b) Austria
c) England
d) France

Why was the Glorious Revolution considered glorious?
a) the English monarch was overthrown without bloodshed
b) it ended the rule of Oliver Cromwell in England
c) it was a religious awakening
d) it ended Parliament's absolute power

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