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Which city gave Russia a window to the west?
a) Moscow
b) Kiev
c) Novgorad
d) St. Petersburg

Which of the following was not a reform of Peter the Great?
a) he built a navy from scratch using skills he acquired fro working in Western Europe
b) he adopted western European customs and ways of life
c) he shared power with his son
d) he built a magnificent new capital city

The Thirty Years War started as a local conflict between
a) Catholics and Protestants
b) Philip II and Queen Elizabeth
c) Russian nobles and peasants
d) Spain and France

Which of the following kings was executed after the English Civil War?
a) Charles I
b) William of Orange
c) James II
d) Oliver Cromwell

The English Civil War was fought between
a) Cavaliers and Roundheads
b) Boyars and Magyars
c) Plebeians and Patricians
d) James I and Charles I

In the English Civil War, the Roundheads were supporters of
a) the king
b) the Catholic Church
c) Galileo
d) Parliament

What type of government was established in England after the Glorious Revolution?
a) a constitutional monarchy
b) a republic
c) a dictatorship
d) an absolute monarchy

In 1648, the Peace of Westphalia
a) ended the Thirty Years War
b) divided Poland between Russia, Austria, and Prussia
c) unified France
d) gave German princes the right to decide the religion of their province

Which document, signed by William and Mary, limited the power of the English monarch?
a) The English Bill of Rights
b) The Magna Carta
c) The Constitution of 1791
d) The Laws of the Twelve Tables

One effect of the Thirty Years War resulted in
a) severe depopulation of the German states
b) the displacement of Jewish refugees
c) a decrease in Russian power
d) the rapid spread of smallpox

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