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At depths greater than 16 km below the Earth's surface, the pressure can be more than 40,000 times greater than the pressure of the atmosphere. This can cause ___.
a) metamorphism
b) deposition
c) weathering
d) erosion

Which process deep within Earth do scientists suggest causes plate movement on Earth's surface?
a) continental drift
b) volcanic eruptions
c) collisions at plate boundaries
d) convection currents in the mantle

An extrusive igneous rock is most likely to form when ___.
a) a volcano erupts explosively
b) silt particles are compacted and cemented
c) erosion of weathered granite occurs very slowly
d) a limestone comes into contact with an igneous intrusion

An earthquake occurs when the tectonic plates below Earth's surface suddenly shift. These shifts of the tectonic place are caused by ___.
a) movements in Earth's core
b) eruption of volcanoes
c) deposition of sediments
d) movements in Earth's mantle

Which factor has the greatest influence on the weathering rate of Earth's surface?
a) local air pressure
b) regional climate
c) age of the rock
d) the angle the sun's rays hit the surface

An igneous rock with a coarse-grained texture forms when
a) magma cools very slowly.
b) magma cools slowly, then quickly
c) magma cools quickly, then slowly
d) magma cools very quickly

A type of rock that forms deep within the Earth when magma solidifies is called
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) organic
d) metamorphic

A type of rock that forms under high temperature and pressure but is not exposed to enough heat to melt the rock is
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) organic
d) metamorphic

After they are deposited, sediments, such as sand, are turned into sedimentary rock when they are compacted and
a) cemented
b) weathered
c) melted
d) metamorphosed

Bob started out as ___.
a) magma
b) an igneous rock on the side of a volcano
c) a mineral in the Earth\'s mantle
d) a sand particle

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