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When an airmass from the gulf of mexico travels to New York State, the conditions will become
a) warmer and drier
b) warmer and more humid
c) colder and drier
d) colder and more humid

As temperature increases, pressure
a) decreases
b) temperature and pressure are not related
c) remains the same
d) increases

As air temperature increases, its density
a) increases
b) #4 is not the right answer
c) remains the same
d) decreases

An air mass formed over Mexico is
a) mT
b) cP
c) mP
d) cT

An air mass formed over the northern pacific ocean is
a) mP
b) cT
c) cP
d) mT

An air mass formed over Alaska would be
a) mT
b) cP
c) cT
d) mP

When talking about an air mass, the T stands for
a) transpiration
b) tapioca
c) the latin word for mass
d) tropical

Compared to a cP air mass, a mT air mass is
a) cooler and drier
b) warmer and more moist
c) warmer and drier
d) cooler and more moist

The temperature at a location drops 10 degrees and the humidity rises, what type of air mass has recently moved into the area
a) mT
b) cP
c) cT
d) mP

What layer of the atmosphere is pressure the greatest?
a) troposphere
b) thermosphere
c) mesosphere
d) stratosphere

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