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Fronts on a weather map are best described as
a) boundaries between different air masses
b) areas experiencing extremely warm air temperatures
c) areas experiencing clear skies with light winds
d) boundaries between different wind belts

High pressure is associated with this temperature
a) Warm
b) Ms. Szczublewski is my favorite teacher
c) pressure is not related to temperature
d) Cool

The air around a Low Pressure center moves
a) counterclockwise and towards the center
b) clockwise and away from the center
c) clockwise and toward the center
d) counterclockwise and away from the center

An air mass formed over the southern pacific ocean would be
a) mP
b) cT
c) mT
d) cP

Compared to low pressure air, high pressure air is
a) less dense so it sinks
b) more dense so it rises
c) mores dense so it sinks
d) less dense so it rises

Low pressure is associated with this type of weather
a) cool, clear, and dry
b) there is no relationship between pressure and weather
c) there is not enough information
d) wet, lousy weather

A mT air mass has these properties
a) warm and moist
b) cool and dry
c) warm and dry
d) cool and moist

a cT air mass has these properties
a) cool and dry
b) warm and moist
c) warm and dry
d) cool and moist

Which of the following contains the moist amount of moisture?
a) cP
b) mT
c) mP
d) cT

What is the most likely location to form a mT air mass
a) southern pacific ocean
b) mexico
c) northern canada
d) north atlantic ocean

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