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No money, no worries. You can use this to make all purchases you can not afford.
a) Yellow Journalism
b) interest
c) credit
d) bailout

consumer goods
a) Can I get a loan please?
b) Hmmmm, mom makes the best chocolate pudding.
c) Free lunch available at your favorite local restaurant.
d) Oh, my those are some really cool products on that store rack.

If you want to go back in time to World War I be sure to pick the winning side.
a) Central Powers
b) Allied Powers
c) League of Nations
d) Triple Entente

a) Sorry, but we only hire men for this job
b) Face it dude, the other candidate is just more qualified than you.
c) Every job requires specific skills to perform specific tasks.
d) NO WAY JOSE, your work was outstanding today.

The Germans, Ottomans, and Austrians are what made up this losing side during World War I.
a) Allied Powers
b) Triple Entente
c) League of Nations
d) Central Powers

a) That girl over there is kinda pretty. You should get her phone number.
b) That's a great deal on those appliances. You should definitely purchase them.
c) My house was financed for $74000 over 30 years with a 6.25% mortgage rate
d) You should be more engaged in what is happening with the federal government

The government says you can't deny me this job for that reason.
a) discrimination
b) civil rights
c) international
d) Legislative Branch

a) I'm traveling from Houston to Detroit and then to Baltimore.
b) Why be confined to the United States. I want to make my presence known in other nations as well.
c) The United States should be more focused on domestic issues.
d) Federalism vs. Anti-federalism????? Who cares about that anyways????

Don't let them hold on to those lands they took from you. Declare war and take back what is rightfully yours!!!!
a) Zimmermann Telegram
b) Expansionism
c) imperialism
d) Colonialism

a) Don't be so angry! I was just playing around.
b) Who can tame that wild man?
c) You're not my friend anymore. This time you went way too far.
d) $5 hair cut special available at my shop only today.

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