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Thousands of genetically identical trees have been discovered growing in a remote, undis- turbed mountain area in Colorado. These trees are most likely the result of
a) genetic engineering
b) biotechnology
c) meiotic cell division
d) asexual reproduction

Which structures are not involved in asexual reproduction?
a) centromeres
b) setae
c) chromosomes
d) spindles

During mitosis, a double-stranded chromosome is attached to a spindle fiber at the
a) centriole
b) cell plate
c) centrosome
d) centromere

By which process are two daughter nuclei formed that are identical to each other and to the original nucleus?
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) fertilization
d) synapsis

Which type of asexual reproduction is characterized by the uneven division of cytoplasm?
a) budding
b) vegetative propagation
c) binary fission
d) regeneration

______ is an asexual process by which new plant
a) budding
b) vegetative propagation
c) binary fission
d) sporulation

During which state of mitosis are the chromosomes pulled apart?
a) prophase
b) telophase
c) anaphase
d) metaphase

Bread mold, a type of fungi, spreads quickly by releasing tiny spores which sprout into a new organism. This type of asexual reproduction is known as
a) regeneration
b) sporulation
c) budding
d) binary fission

During which phase of mitosis are the DNA molecules replicated?
a) Interphase
b) Metaphase
c) Prophase
d) Anaphase

If the limb of a starfish is cut off, it has the ability to regrow a new limb. In addition, the limb that was cut off can also grow into a new organism. This is an example of
a) regeneration
b) budding
c) sporulation
d) binary fission

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