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The main purpose of anti-trust legislation is to
a) prohibit illegal monopolies
b) make borrowing easier
c) limit bank interest rates
d) make it easier to sue businesses

An important job of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is to
a) investigate unfair business practices
b) control pollution
c) regulate banks
d) arrange business sales

What is the name of the federal agency that sets rules to reduce pollution created by businesses?
a) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
b) FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
c) SBA (Small Business Administration)
d) FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

Public goods and services are provided by
a) the government
b) the public
c) businesses
d) individuals

What are the two main sources of money that the government uses to pay for public goods and services?
a) tax revenue and loans
b) discount rates and reserve requirements
c) goods and services
d) price and demand

The tax collected on the sale of items in a store is called a ___ tax.
a) sales
b) income
c) property
d) real estate

The tax collected on homes, land, and buildings is called a ___ tax.
a) real estate
b) income
c) sales
d) property

The tax collected on one's earnings from a job is called a ___ tax.
a) income
b) sales
c) real estate
d) property

The tax collected on automobiles, boats, etc. is called a ___ tax.
a) property
b) income
c) sales
d) real estate

A tax increase tends to ___ the overall economy by reducing the amount of money available for spending.
a) slow
b) boost
c) none of the above

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