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Follow the old road to San Diego.
a) assonance
b) personification
c) metonymy
d) alliteration

She sat there like a bump on a pickle.
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) irony
d) paradox

He may be at the top of his class, but he's no Einstein.
a) allusion
b) assonance
c) idiom
d) irony

Mickey Mouse made a mud pie.
a) alliteration
b) metonymy
c) paradox
d) sarcasm

I want the truth straight from the horse's mouth.
a) idiom
b) irony
c) sarcasm
d) hyperbole

If you travel back in time, can you watch yourself being born?
a) paradox
b) metaphor
c) personification
d) simile

"Achoo," she said when she sneezed.
a) onomatopoeia
b) oxymoron
c) allusion
d) pun

The president of the animal rights group was wearing a leather jacket.
a) irony
b) paradox
c) alliteration
d) hyperbole

Did you take a bath in that perfume?
a) sarcasm
b) irony
c) pun
d) assonance

He is so old that he hunted mastadons with the cavemen.
a) hyperbole
b) pun
c) personification
d) simile

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