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The carrying capacity for herbivores in a habitat is most directly affected by the availability of
a) heat energy released by carnivores
b) decomposers in the soil
c) photosynthetic organisms
d) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Which type of organism can obtain energy directly from any of the other organisms in an ecosystem?
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) producer
d) decomposer

One advantage of biodiversity in an ecosystem is that it
a) guarantees that the largest organisms will dominate the area
b) increases the chance that some organisms will survive a major change in the environment
c) develops relationships between organisms that are always positive over long periods of time
d) ensures a large amount of identical genetic material

Abiotic factors that affect the growth of grass in a lawn include
a) bacteria and soil
b) fertilizer and decomposers
c) moisture and minerals
d) earthworms and nutrients

In 1960, an invasive species of fish was introduced into the stable ecosystem of a river. Since then, the population of a native fish species has declined. This is an example of an
a) ecosystem that has recovered
b) ecological niche without competition
c) environmental impact caused by physical factors
d) ecosystem altered through the activities of an organism

In an energy pyramid, the energy for use by organisms in first trophic level originally comes from
a) producers
b) the Sun
c) level B
d) level D

Which human activity would most likely deplete finite resources?
a) use of natural enemies to eliminate insect pests
b) uncontrolled population growth
c) governmental restriction of industrial pollution
d) development of wildlife refuges

The increasing demands for fossil fuels has led government to consider several possibilities to solve the energy crisis. Which solution will reduce the impact of this crisis?
a) increase the number of drilling sites for crude oil in North America
b) develop alternative fuel sources that can be produced from renewable resources
c) limit the number of people in each vehicle
d) build more power plants away from population centers

An organism that gets their food from other sources is called a(n)
a) autotroph
b) heterotroph
c) decomposer
d) fungi

Which organism is considered a producer?
a) frog
b) mountain lion
c) grass
d) cricket

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