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Test Designed To Quiz Students On Knowledge Of The Envirothon Soils Manual.

In, NC most soils tend to be acidic and require the additions of ____ in order to raise the pH for optimum crop production.
a) lime
b) nitrogen
c) maganese
d) phosphorous

How does conservation tillage prevent soil erosion?
a) Farmers harvest grain and leave plant material as mulch
b) Farmers only till soil that is currently exposed
c) Farmers only till half the area of crop land at a time
d) Farmers alternate crops to ensure soil remains intact

Which is an example of an alluvial fan?
a) accumulation of wind blown material
b) accumulation of material at the base of a long steep slope
c) accumulation of material at the foot of mountain slopes such as Appalachian and Rocky Mountains.
d) accumulation of material due to volcanic activity

Which is a micro-nutrient found in soil?
a) magnesium
b) phosphorous
c) potassium
d) nitrogen

The downward entry of water into the immediate surface of soil is known as _____.
a) drainage
b) permeability
c) infiltration
d) seepage

Leaching is an example of which soil forming process?
a) additions
b) losses
c) translocations
d) transformations

In sandy soils, water movement is often rapid due to the large amount of _____.
a) macropores
b) micropores
c) megapores
d) pores

The area between the soil and plant roots that has a high amount of biological activity is called the ______.
a) lithosphere
b) humus
c) topsoil
d) rhizosphere

Gray soil indicates _______________.
a) a soil with good aereation and drainage.
b) a soil with slow permeability.
c) there was a seasonally high water table.
d) there were long periods of water saturation

What indications about soil quality does a red soil indicate?
a) well drained, but wet, usually an indicator of a seasonal high water table
b) good aeration but periods of water saturation that indicates poorly drained soil
c) good drainage and aereation
d) well drained but there is a slow rate of permeability

Which type of soil is characterized by 45% silt, 35% sand, and 20% clay?
a) loam
b) silt loam
c) clay loam
d) silty clay loam

Which type of soil is characterized by 10% silt, 50% sand, and 40% clay?
a) clay
b) sandy clay
c) clay laom
d) sandy clay loam

Which soil horizon is rich in organic matter at the top of a soil profile?
a) O- Organic
b) A- topsoil
c) B-Subsoil
d) C-parent material

Which type of soil is characterized by 30% silt, 35% sand, and 35% clay?
a) clay
b) silty clay
c) sandy clay
d) clay loam

Which soil horizon is the site of mineral loss, also known as elluviation, where a concentration of sand and silt particles are left?
a) O-organic
b) B-subsoil
c) R- Bedrock
d) E- Subsurface

Which soil horizon is made of bedrock and is not affected by soil formation processes?
a) A-topsoil
b) B-Subsurface
c) C-parent material
d) R-bedrock

Which describes the process of leaching in soils?
a) when leeches move through the soil and produce pores for aeration
b) when water enters the soil and moves through taking minerals with it
c) when water enters the soil and dissolves gases
d) when sediments are carried down towards parent material due to water infiltration

What are the five soil forming factors?
a) geology, topography, climate, biological activity, sunlight
b) water, topography, climate, biological activity, air
c) time, geology, topography, climate, biological activity
d) water, air, topography, biological activity, sunlight

What are the three types of particles that make up soil?
a) sand, rocks, clay
b) clay, silt, humus
c) silt, clay, rock
d) sand, silt, clay

What are the components of soil?
a) air, water, minerals, organic matter
b) air, minerals, organic matter
c) minerals and organic matter
d) water, minerals, organic matter

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